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Develop independent thinkers, problem-solvers, and excited learners in a no-pressure learning environment.

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2,3,or 5  Days/Week
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Full Day
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Max of 12 per class

We see the person within each child

We’re not just educating kids, we’re helping to raise resilient, inspired global citizens

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Beyond Academics

We nurture physical, emotional and social well being, so your child can truly thrive in school and life

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An Extension of Home

Parenting is hard. We come alongside you as an ally in all aspects of your child’s development

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A Thriving Community

Tap into a whole web of wisdom and support from a diverse community of parents, teachers, and kids

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Cultivating academic curiosity in a no-pressure environment

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How your child grows

Our Pre-K program incorporates all of the early grade educational activities, but with more robust academics including basic math, writing, phonetics, reading skills, and more.

We also provide equally comprehensive arts and crafts activities to encourage a range of creative expression, so your child can explore their own unique creative expression.

Our curriculum unfolds in a no-pressure, nurturing manner to reward every student’s accomplishments, build confidence and inspire a passion for learning.

Where the adventure unfolds

Green space is hard to come by in LA, but we’ve got plenty. Our campus is the perfect environment for little explorers to stretch their minds and bodies, with 1 whole acre of dedicated outdoor space.

In addition to our regular curriculum, we also offer:

- Swimming Lessons (in our heated pool)
- Martial Arts
- Yoga
- Dance
- Fitness
- Gymnastics
- Story Arts
- Judaica

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Are we your perfect place?

Well, we can’t tell you that, but here's what our community of kids and parents are saying

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Not a month goes by that our girls do not comment on the wonderful years they attended this preschool. My three daughters started in Mommy & Me with amazing Carol, and continued through the entire program to graduation. The major strengths of this school are their personnel, the grounds, the brightness of the classrooms and all the special extras that they do throughout the year, especially Grandparents Day. Often my girls still go back to the school to visit their teachers and the office staff. We will forever be grateful to this school for the amazing start they provided our girls.

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My son just finished the summer camp at the Boulevard School & we couldn't be happier with his time there! First off, I'd like to say that this was my son’s first time being away from me & in a school type setting without me being there. Can I also mention that in the short period of time my son was there for summer camp, he finally mastered the tricycle (which was a hard motor skill for him), he learned how to socialize & interact with his classmates & has grown so much! He is still talking about how much he misses Ms. Shamsi & his classmates as I write this review!

Kezia M
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There is NOTHING like Boulevard School. Their teachers, office staff and all others are simply amazing. You can tell that the staff treat each child like their own and the care and nurture is like nothing I have ever experienced. WE LOVE BOULEVARD SCHOOL!

Rebecca S.
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Both of my sons attended The Boulevard School for three years; age two, three, and four. I truly loved my experience here. Not only did they treat both of my children with tremendous care and respect but they also truly loved them for exactly who they are. The school was a wonderful place for my children to learn and grow in those crucial developmental years. Not only do they love and care for the children here but they also understand what an important role they play in supporting a working family.

Aprill W.
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​​I started in Mommy & Me, and then did a transition class. My daughter had separation anxiety level a million and I was worried and panicked she wouldn't be ready for the 2's class. I asked if Rodi, the director, would observe her. Rodi couldn't have possibly been any nicer and instantly made me feel like everything was ok. She gave me options and we came to a decision together, myself, Rodi, and Mrs Carole. My daughter is now in the 2's and I couldn't be any happier. I couldn’t imagine Emma anywhere else!

Samantha M.
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I went to The Boulevard School as a child couldn't wait to check it out when my son was of age to attend. When I did a tour I was thrilled to see that it was still the same loving, fun and academic place that I remembered as a child. I was nervous about how my son would be transitioning away from me. The teachers were great at working with his individual personality to get him to thrive. He now participates in all the activities (he even naps there even though he doesn't at home!!) and comes home happy and tired from all the running around/playing too.

Jessica B.
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