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Four-Year Old (Pre-K) Program

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The Boulevard School’s Pre-Kindergarten program is a full day curriculum available two, three, or five days a week Monday through Friday. This program incorporates all of the early grade educational activities, but with more robust academics including basic math, writing, phonetics, reading skills, and more. We also provide equally comprehensive arts activities to encourage creative expression. These lessons are provided in a no-pressure, nurturing manner to reward every student’s accomplishments, build confidence and inspire a passion for learning.

A group of children on grass posing for camera


Children and teacher baking in classroom setting

Kindergarten is a very important year in the early life of our children. Five days a week, we develop every child’s love of learning and nurture their curiosity and creativity. We offer individualized programs recognizing that every child is different and learns in different ways and at a different pace.


For every child however, the curriculum includes a blend of social skills activities and academic learning. For example, our math program encourages critical thinking skills and problem solving. Our phonics program teaches children how to blend sounds for reading and writing. And our arts classes inspire students to creatively express what they see and feel.


In short, The Boulevard School’s Kindergarten classes are comprehensive and designed to provide every student with the skills and confidence they’ll need for their elementary school experience.

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