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Extra Curricular Activities

At The Boulevard School, we believe early childhood education should include the application of the social and academic skills we teach.  Moreover, it should be fun.  That’s why we also offer a variety of extracurricular activities that provide opportunities specific to the interests of each child.



(ages 3 and up)

Designed to teach balance, body strength and flexibility, children also learn self-discipline, decision making skills, self-awareness, self-esteem and the pride and sense of achievement.


Beginning Dance:

(ages 3 and up)

An introduction to ballet, jazz, and hip hop to develop coordination and spatial awareness. Children learn choreographed dance routines set to age appropriate music and incorporating props such as maracas, tambourines, and more!



(ages 2 through 6)

A movement to music program to develop gross motor and coordination skills, health awareness and fun.



(ages 3 through 6)

Children learn about various Jewish holidays & customs, Hebrew songs and prayers, holiday foods and crafts, and traditions. (not offered during the Summer).



(ages 2 ½ and up)

A fun program using balance beams, springboards, trampolines and more to further develop coordination, self-confidence, flexibility, strength and body awareness. Instruction includes basic tumbling and balancing skills, obstacle courses, and fun!


Young Engineers:

(ages 4 through 6)

This is a creative program to nurture the application of math and engineering concepts using Legos, Lincoln Logs, remote control cars, and other children’s toys. Children will learn about motors, gears, circuits and mechanical concepts which promote critical thinking and problem solving.


Swimming Lessons:

(Summer Only)

Available for children age 10 months and up, our pool is shallow and heated.  Lessons are provided by fully qualified swim instructors with WSI (Water Safety Instruction) and CPR certificates.

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