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A HAPPY PLACE! established 1974

Toddler • Pre-School • Kindergarten • Summer Camp • Extracurricular Activities


Christmas Cookies

Holiday time is here again! All of us at school had a great Thanksgiving making decorations, Native American and Pilgrim costumes, hats, turkeys, table centerpieces, and a variety of cornucopias. The classes prepared different feasts which included turkey, stuffing, pasta, fruits, applesauce, vegetables, and desserts. Classes baked cornbread, pumpkin and zucchini bread, and pumpkin pies! The aromas coming from the rooms were mouth- watering! We sang Thanksgiving songs and had wonderful feasts! A BIG THANK YOU to our parents for making this such a memorable day.
During Hannukah Week all of our classes will be involved in special crafts and cooking projects. Potato latkes will be cooked and eaten by the pounds!
During Christmas and Kwanzaa Week our children and staff will be celebrating with crafts and decorations, music, cooking and conclude the week with holiday parties. The children will be making holiday decorations and presents for their families.
We would like to wish everyone a Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a happy and healthy New Year. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation and for sharing your precious children with us during this challenging year. We are looking forward to sharing many more activities in 2022.
We are now forming classes for Session #3 of our popular Gymnastics, Karate, Dance and Judaica classes. The new session begins Monday, January 3rd. If you are interested in any of these classes, please complete and return the appropriate form with payment by Thursday, Dec. 16th. Spaces are filled on a first-­come first-served basis. 

Christmas Tree Lights and Ornament

December Calendar

December 1st

Tuition #5 Due.

November 29th - December 3rd

Hannukah Week

December 13th - 17th

Christmas Week and Kwanzaa Week

December 15th

Holiday Sing-along!

Wear your school or holiday shirt!

December 16th & 17th

Classroom Holiday Parties

December 17th

Last day of regular classes.

ALL outstanding balances must be cleared.

December 20th - 31st

School Closed.

Winter class Monday - Thursday both weeks.

* The first day back to school is Monday, January 3rd.

Parents and Toddler

On the Boulevard

"Important Things You Can Teach Your Children" 

Parenting is one of the scariest jobs in the world. With little or no preparation at all, you are thrown head first into the role of mentor, guide, teacher, doctor and expert on how everything works. It's little wonder that parents who take their responsibility seriously, have moments where they question whether they know what the most important things are that they ought to be teaching their children. This article will give you the place to begin as you identify what, for you, are the "things to teach your children".


The first crucial step in knowing what to teach your children is to identify your own ethical parenting goals. What kind of person do I want my child to be when he/ she grows up? What are the most important values that I pass on to my child? After you have identified those values, you will have created your own private road map to take you down the path to teaching your child the most important values in your life. Lessons I want to teach my child: 

  • What you say, what you do, and who you are really matters.

  • The most important word in the English language, is ATTITUDE (or, if you think you can, you are probably right).

  • Your most precious possession is your integrity.

  • The highest wisdom of all, is simple kindness.

  • Persistence.

  • Courage.

  • The most powerful force in the world is love.

  • When in doubt ask, "If everyone acts as I am about to do, what kind of world would I have created?"

These have no magic in them, they are simple, clear, unambiguous statements, reflecting values that are important for developing the kind of society in which we all want to live. Every single day you are the most important role model in your child's life. So, the task of a parent, is to be the kind of adult that you would want your child to grow up to become. 



Christmas Cards

Remember The Troops

When writing your holiday cards this year, please take one card and send it to the address below. If we all do this and spread the word, think of how many beautiful cards these brave American servicemen and women would receive this year. Have your child write one too. This is a great opportunity to teach your child empathy and to care for others.


A Recovering American Soldier 
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Ave., NW 
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001  

Car Park

Parking Lot Safety & Courtesy

Please observe the following procedures: 

The tandem parking lots at the east end of the parking lot are for STAFF ONLY. DO NOT PARK IN THEM AT ANY TIME.

Turn your car blinker on prior to parking in a space.

Watch your speed and drive carefully.

When pulling into the parking lot, hang up your phone and pay attention.

Be aware of cars backing out of spaces.

You may not leave your car in a drive-thru lane at any time.

Do not park in the handicap parking spaces unless you have a visible placard or appropriate license plate. Do not park in the red zones on the street.

Buckle-up your child before leaving our parking lot.

Please do not park in or block our neighbor's driveway. That is their private property.

When entering the parking lot, pull up all the way. Do not block the entrance. Do not drive in through the exit gate.

Be aware of children being escorted accross the parking lot. Always hold your chil's hand when in the parking lot.




"I'm Bored"

You might worry about the ill effects of your kids having nothing to do, but boredom - and developing the ability to overcome it - is an important part of learning and creativity, according to psychologists. Filling all of our kids' time with planned activities deprives them of the opportunity to learn how to manage their own time and problem solve for themselves, says Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, P.H.D., a professor of psychology at Temple University and the co-author of  'A Mandate for Playful Learning in Preschool.'  "Remember the greatest thinkers were also the greatest daydreamers," Hirsh-Pasek says. So the next time your child says she's bored, think twice about signing her up for another activity. Encourage her to find her own excitement. 


The Tone of Voice

It's not so much what we say as the manner in which we say it. 
It's not so much the language we use as the tone in which we convey it. "Come here!" I sharply ordered; And a child cowered and wept. 
"Come here" I softly whispered; And into my arms he crept. 
Words may be mild and fair, but the tone pierces like a dart. 
Words may be soft as summer air, but the tone can break a heart. 

Clothes Hanging

Extra Clothes

We keep extra clothes in the office in case children have potty accidents during the day. If you have any old shoes, shirts, socks, and especially pants that you no longer need, please bring them to the school office. When you borrow school clothes please make sure to return them quickly. Thank you. 

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