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A HAPPY PLACE! established 1974

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Winter Snow

Here at The Boulevard School your children work very hard! From the age of 18 months and up our children are learning significant skills necessary to begin and maintain friendships. Preschool friendships are based on play -whomever your child plays with that day is his/her friend. At three years, children use the word "friend" loosely - and that's okay. Play time gives your child opportunities to develop social skills as he/she learns to form attachments. Playing with other children also allows your child to test out conversation and strengthen trouble-solving abilities. Four year olds have longer-lasting friendships. They often have "best" friends who like doing some of the same things together. Yet best friends do argue - and in these "arguments" children learn the art of compromise and problem solving, skills necessary later in life. 

You can help your child develop and maintain friendships in many ways:

Encourage neighborhood or school play groups. In this way children learn collaborative play, sharing, problem solving, and increase their vocabulary.

Model appropriate social skills by demonstrating the signals for wanting to make contact, such as smiling and speaking in pleasant tones.

Demonstrate problem solving skills at home. When there is conflict between adults or children, show by example the ability to compromise.

Encourage inclusive play rather than exclusive. At 5 and 6, most children start forming cliques. Explain to your child the hurt of being excluded and suggest ways of including others.

By encouraging your child's sense of mastery of play, your child will develop a strong sense of identity and independence. We do this by encouraging children to make choices for play and choices for friendship. Being part of a social group gives children an opportunity to celebrate their being part of a social circle. So the next time your child asks to go play, know that they are also hard at work.  


We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year! We welcome all the new children starting in January to the Boulevard Family.

The children are progressing very well and have made many new friends. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk around the school and see the children so happy and involved in so many fun filled activities with their friends. Laughter and happy voices can be heard from every- room and the smiles, hugs and kisses we get make every day special at The Boulevard School.

Please make sure to read the monthly newsletter. All school activities and other important information for the month are included here. It is important that you read and save every monthly newsletter. Please mark your calendar and make a note of the special events we have planned.

Business Ads and Personal Yearbook Messages

We will be accepting PERSONAL YEARBOOK MESSAGES for our yearbook until Thursday, March 30th. You may create a fun and unique way of telling all our school families how proud you are of your child. We will also be accepting BUSINESS ADS for our yearbook. This is a great way to promote your services to our Boulevard School families. Some of our parents have used other parents for various services in the past, including real estate, construction, plumbing, electrical, automotive, restaurants, medical, insurance, interior decorating and electronics. Return all ads by Thursday, March 30th

Summer & Fall 2023 Enrollment

We are now accepting enrollment applications for Summer Camp 2023 and the Fall 2023-24 School Year. Enroll now for Summer Camp and Fall. Early enrollment will ensure the program of your choice for your child. Our Toddler Program begins at 18 months of age. 

Drug-free Therapy


N.L. Girardi, M.D., and colleagues at Yale University School of Medicine, studied differences in the response to sugar in ADHD and normal children. Two groups of children were given a battery of tests three hours after their sugary meal to measure cognitive performance. Results showed ADHD children had released only half the amount of the hormones as the normal children. Not surprisingly, their test scores were much worse than the children who did not have ADHD. Protein, on the other hand, raises catecholamine levels. Parents can test their child's reaction to sugary foods first thing in the morning and after a protein-containing meal to determine the child's response. In most cases, it will be best to feed the child complex carbohydrates and eliminate simple sugars. Emphasis should be placed on protein foods for breakfast and lunch and complex carbohydrates for dinner. 

January 2023 Calendar

January 4th

First day of classes.

Welcome back! 

Week of January 9th-13th

Famous Artists Week. Matisse, Pollack, Kahlo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Hokusai, Thomas

Art show on Friday.

January 16th

Martin Luther King. Jr. birthday


January 18th-19th

Make up pictures, class pictures, and new student individual pictures

ALL children wear their teal Boulevard School T-shirt

for a group picture.

January 30th

Spirit Day! Wear your school shirt!

Ethics and Values Program

The topic for January is "Courage". We will be discussing the question of the day in class. Please refer to the list of ethics and values questions and review them with your child at home each day. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some meaningful quality time together with your family.

Children's Health & Clothing

Please make sure to check your child's extra classroom clothing. With the change in seasons, we recommend an extra jacket, long pants, and long sleeve shirt be kept on hand. Make sure your child's name is on everything. 

Baby Clothes

Dance, Karate, Gymnastics, Story Arts, Yoga, And Judaica Enrichment Classes

We have limited openings remaining in some of our enrichment classes. Session 3 began January 4th and continues through March 17th. Sign up now if you want to enroll your child in any of these excellent classes. Some classes are now full and remaining space is limited.

Illness and your child

Please keep your child home when he/she is sick and in a contagious condition. Sick children spread their germs to the other children and to the teachers. Sick children are cranky and lethargic in school and this is not fair to the other children. 

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