The Boulevard School
Summer Camp 2018

Monday, July 9             Famous Artist Day. Let's learn about some famous artists.

Tuesday, July 10         Ooey, Gooey, Slimy Art Day. Bring a change of clothes.

Wednesday, July 11    Music with Halina. Get ready to dance the day away.

Thursday, July 12        Mystery Art Day. What will it be?

Friday, July 13             Recycled Art Day. Recycle, reuse, renew into art.


          ALL STAR WEEK

Monday, July 16           Team Sports Day. Wear a sports shirt to camp.
Tuesday, July 17          Gigantic Games Day. Campers will play games all day.

Wednesday, July 18    Wacky Water Games! Wear a swim suit to camp and bring a

                                      change of clothes.

Thursday, July 19         Favorite Team Spirit Day. Wear your favorite team shirt.
Friday, July 20             Team Color Games. Wear your class color.

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2018 Summer Camp Dates

June 13th - August 8th (eight week session)

kids We have planned a very special summer camp program!  Each week the children will explore a different theme.  Weekly activities include singing, music, drama, arts and crafts, puppetry, water play, organized games, and other group activities. We will also have music festivals, spirit days, pony rides, carnival day, circus day, and other great surprises!!

Get ready to get wet!!  During the warm summer months the camp will provide a variety of water play activities such as sprinklers, hoses, water tables, wading pools, and group swim in our heated pool. Private and semi-private swimming lessons are also offered during school hours.

This Summer our extracurricular programs will be Dance, Karate, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Young Engineers.

Two and three year olds may attend half days (8:35am - 12:00noon) or full days (8:35am - 3:00pm).  Full day programs are more rewa
rding for the children.  They love the puppetry, drama, water play, and other activities that take place in the afternoon. Full day children will have a rest time. You may enroll for 2, 3 or 5 days a week.

Four to seven year olds must attend the full day summer camp program.  It is a very exciting and fulfilling experience for them. Children in the four year old classes will have a rest time. All four year old, kindergarten, and grade one summer classes have computers in the class as part of the summer camp experience.
You may enroll for 2, 3, or 5 days week.

We also offer extended morning and evening hours every day. Morning daycare begins at 7:30am and evening daycare goes until 6:00pm.

You may enroll for all or part of Summer Camp. We cannot prorate for a day or for a portion of a week. We will prorate by the full week. Please include your vacation dates on your Summer Camp application in order for us to prorate your tuition. Enrollment applications are available in the school office or you can click here to download an enrollment form.
Deposits and other fees are applied to the summer only and are non-transferable and non-refundable.



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